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As we continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19, please know the steps NEO Realty Group LLC  is taking to protect our tenants, vendors, and employees, while continuing to provide exceptional service and clean, healthy spaces for commercial businesses and residential residents.



Your questions are best handled by the local health officials and the CDC. We are cooperating fully with CDC/local public health guidance and are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all commercial tenant, and residents. We encourage you to visit the CDC website for updated information and safety precaution tips.


Following guidance from state and federal government health officials, and input from multiple trade groups, in-suite residential and in-suite commercial maintenance requests may be delayed, postponed, or the request deferred back to the requesting party, so the requesting party may  complete basic maintenance on their own behalf. This is done in order to limit person to person contact. Maintenance tech’s access to in-suite non-urgent or non-emergency calls may be delayed for completion for this reason; to limit contact. This could include asking a resident or commercial tenant to complete basic maintenance such as changing their own light bulb, unclogging their own plumbing, and to have patience for other non-urgent service requests, that do not impact life or safety. NEO Realty Group LLC wants to limit the potential for exposure, or the potential for spread of COVID-19 by reducing person to person contact in-suite.

We’re doing everything possible to help act on the preventative measures advised by the CDC, and as such, in-suite non-urgent, or in-suite non life-safety requests may be delayed, postponed, or deferred back to the requesting party. We are implementing this so that we may limit the potential for spread and the potential for exposure, following CDC guidance for social distancing.

We have armed our office staff and our maintenance techs, as well as supplied critical vendors or cleaning personnel, with sanitizing products and protective gear, and augmented our property cleaning procedures.

Finally, we are stressing the importance of social distancing with all tenants and property management staff within all of our managed locations per the above.

Relying on the guidance and expertise of the CDC, as well as local health officials across the country, we are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our customers, tenants, vendors, and employees. We are here to support your needs in every way possible, and in the safest way possible.


We’ve taken proactive steps to ensure our associates and their families are protected, including providing up-to-date guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on prevention, ceasing all non-essential business travel, and putting new policies in place to ensure sick team members remain home. Additionally, any  non-essential in-office appointments are not permitted, and any meetings will instead be held by phone, email, or digitally, until further notice. Rents delivered in person, or drop in visits, will not be accepted or permitted at this time. This further supplements the important steps being taken for social distancing


No late fees for March and April 2020. Eviction posting dates are under review.  As we have received inquires on rent payments from business under mandated closures. For any commercial business impacted by mandated closures: questions on rent concessions, rent reductions, or other financial/lease questions will be answered as the state and federal government roll out economic plans and programs, and such questions cannot be answered by us at this time. No rent concession or rent reduction questions for commercial business, that are under mandated closures, will be answered or reviewed for a 45-day period, beginning March 10 2020, until their is further clarity with the current COVID-19 situation and its economic impact. Although, No late fees for March and April 2020 will be implemented as of March 10 2020. This does not preclude any eviction processes for non-payment, or preclude action on other lease violations. We ask that all tenants take steps to keep properties clean and sanitized. This is a collective effort.

We look forward to a return to normalcy as soon as possible, and wish you well.

Brant Smith, Principal Broker





For property service requests, please completely fill out and submit this form. If you have not been contacted within one hour for an emergency request, or within one business day for a routine request please also call our office at 216.801.4900 to ensure your request was received.

By submitting a service request you are providing advanced affirmative consent for maintenance personnel, or other required person(s), access to enter your premises or residence unless you opt out.

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